Company’s history

Optosystems was established in 2000.
Optosystems is Russia’s leading manufacturer of medical, scientific and technological laser systems and is the only manufacturer of ophthalmic laser refractive surgical equipment, excimer lasers, CVD diamond growth reactors in Russia.


The company was established largely thanks to the efforts of laser pioneer and Nobel laureate Prof. Alexander Prokhorov and the pioneer of refractive surgery Prof. Svyatoslav Fyodorov, who is the founder of Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex. With a breadth of vision and a state-like approach, they understood the need to transfer basic research results into practice.

Commercialization of ophthalmic lasers with provision of a wide range of services to clinics (maintenance, spare parts), constant updating of products, and expansion of the base of clinical trials were the main driving force behind the creation of Optosystems. Creation of Russian ophthalmologic lasers has an outstanding history . However, without our company, there wouldn’t have been a commercial product.

Over the past 15 years, three generations of  ophthalmic excimer systems  for refractive surgery have been created. These systems are effectively being used in ophthalmic clinics in Russia and abroad. They occupy leading positions among all the excimer laser systems in the Russian market, including systems from Japan, USA and Germany.

Femto Visum – a femtosecond laser for eye microsurgery, which was developed with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science – is the only and unique product in Russia that features advanced laser technologies in medicine.


Optosystems is among the small group of companies in the world producing excimer lasers.

Our specialists were among the developers of the first Soviet and Russian commercial excimer laser. Many laboratories and plants in Russia and China are equipped with Optosystems excimer lasers.

We use an integrated approach to implementing projects – from consulting and feasibility studies to medical equipment supply, including technical support and staff training.

The company has research, development and production departments. We employ specialists with many years of experience in development of laser systems.

Optosystems has a large number of  patents on ophthalmic laser systems and gas lasers.

Major milestones

2000 – November, the company is created

2001 – CL excimer laser, which was to become the heart of many generations of ophthalmic excimer lasers

2002 – Russia’s first flying spot ophthalmic excimer laser Microscan-PIC (100 Hz)

2006 – Flying spot ophthalmic excimer laser   Microscan-PIC (300 Hz)

2009 – Deployment of KeraScan technology

—Topography-guided customized ablation

2011 — Ophthalmic excimer laser MicroScan Visum (500 Hz)

— Introduction of PlatoScan technology

— Aberrometry-guided customized ablation


2012 — FL femtosecond laser , which later became the heart of ophthalmic femtosecond lasers

2013 — Ophthalmic femtosecond laser Femto Visum

— Laser platform [Microscan Visum + Femto Visum]